Premium in heat treatment

Our company group bundles three leading heat treatment companies – BURGDORF, OSMIROL and NÜSSLE. Our focussed competence enables us to offer you process materials in premium quality "Made in Germany" and consulting on your specific heat treatment requirements.

Not only is heat treatment technology our field of expertise, it is also our passion. We approach the topic holistically to ensure a high quality and efficiency at maximum process reliability. Our consulting competence is unrivalled in this field. Benefit from our knowledge and our experience. Talk to our experts.

Process materials setting standards

Our high-performance quenching oils, polymer quenchants, special cleaners, anticorrosion products and stop-off paints are indispensable to the heat treatment of steel in many industries.

Our process materials not only support high-quality heat treatment processes, but also solve technical application problems.

They are setting standards with regard to quality and reproducibility of heat treatment results and to the heat treatment process reliability.

Due to their extraordinary product stability, they are also particularly resource-saving and reduces process costs: They ensure maximum service life and low consumption.

The specialists for your heat treatment process

The name of our company group epitomises uncompromising quality in heat treatment. We develop process materials, advise you on all questions of application technology and process engineering, provide customised solutions and offer you a comprehensive portfolio of services from quality management to high-quality after-sales service.

Our claim:

Always offering the best available

The customers of the company group are companies in the engineering materials and heat treatment industries demanding premium quality. Our claims are the same: The company group consistently stands for "Made in Germany” quality. We ensure the unfailing premium quality of our products by, among other, using only top quality and closely specified raw and basic materials that we develop and produce in Germany. 

The internal working and operational processes in all departments of the company are consistently checked and analysed. Our communication is open and constructive to ensure constant identification of potentials for improvement and their implementation. Our aim is to not only offer our customers the best products but also the best service. Our early ISO 9001:2015 certification continues as our documented verification of this objective. 

The result: Our customers have placed their trust in us for decades already. The members of the company group are A-suppliers to many sectors in the steel processing industry, including the manufacturers of screws, tools, springs, forgings and the mechanical engineering industry worldwide. For nearly 70 years we have also been a preferred partner of the automobile industry. We are furthermore also cooperating with all notable suppliers to the heat treatment industry.

Our guarantee:

Holistic approach creates surety

As experts for high quality heat treatment process materials, we will in principle consider heat treatment in its entirety. We will consider not only the requirements of applications and the performance of our products, but also the effect of plant and process technologies, the prerequisites of the material and the component shape and history. We can thus guarantee maximum process reliability to ensure quality and to minimise cost and time.

Our know-how:

Unique on the market

The company group’s bundled expert know-how in the field of heat treatment is unequalled and sets standards on the market. This know-how is to the direct benefit of our customers: Every contact person in the company group has many years of practical experience and is skilled in the state of the art. We will continue with our training via seminars and conferences to ensure that our know-how remains state of the art and will in turn give technical lectures to pass on our knowledge. We are maintaining intensive contacts in the petrochemical industry for regular discourse with suppliers of basic materials globally. We are also engaged in ongoing research and development – which is why every company in our Group has its own R&D department. Our cooperation in national and international organisations such as the AWT [German Association for Materials and Heat Treatment of Metals], the IHT [German Association for Commercial Heat Treaters], the IFHTSE [International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering] or the SVW [Swiss Association for Heat Treatment]allows us to participate in developments in our specialised field on a wide range of topics, including the drafting of new technical standards.

Our approach:

Flexible, responsible and with integrity

The members of the company group are owner-managed family businesses with short decision-making paths and high flexibility. This allows us to offer advice tailored to a specific user and to respond to a situation with the required speed. Our customers value our absolute reliability and integrity and adherence to deadlines. 

We encourage respectful, binding, open, honest and fair cooperation – both within the group and with our business partners, customers and suppliers. 

We will also assume responsibility by engaging in social and humanitarian projects, especially in the fields of education and sport. A focus of our activities is on the support of people in need, especially children and the youth in our region.