Process materials setting standards

The company group´s quenching oils, polymer quenchants, special cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and stop-off paints are indispensable today in many industries engaged in the heat treatment of steel. Our process fluids not only support high-quality heat treatment processes and solve technical application problems. They set standards in terms of quality, reproducibility and process reliability in the heat treatment industry.

Due to their extraordinary stability, our products are also particularly resource-saving: they guarantee maximum service life and low consumption.

Product Overview

Our quenching oils

The concept of our high-performance quenching oils guarantees exceptionally high product stability: Burgdorf quenching oils experience no noticeable change in normal use and therefore boast virtually unlimited service life. Quenching oils in normal use require no regular replacement or renewal respectively restoration of their properties by addition of additives. 

The particularly high thermal stability of our high-performance quenching oils is confirmed by their comparably high flash point. This leads to extraordinary high evaporation resistance – offering advantages of low oil vapour concentration and reduced losses through evaporation.

The low viscosity of our high-performance quenching oils will also ensure a good flow through batches. The results of heat treatment will thus be consistent and reproducible, wastage will be reduced and the heat-treated components are easier to clean. 

Overall, our high-performance quenching oils will clearly reduce the consumption of quenchants, thus not only protecting the environment but also optimising process costs.


High-performance quenching oils with very fast quenching effect

High-performance quenching oils with fast quenching effect

Quenching oils with low-distortion quenching effect

Marquenching oils

High-performance vacuum quenching oils

Our polymer quenchants

With the development of our boron- and formaldehyde-free polymer quenchants we have set clear standards of occupational and environmental safety. This new generation of polymer quenchants allows us to improve product stability and corrosion protection even further whilst reducing the tendency to foam and especially also reducing residues and stickiness on component surfaces and equipment.

This significantly increases product application time. Care measures and the need for additives are simultaneously also reduced – this leads to optimised process costs.


Polymer quenchants

Our special cleaners

Our special cleaners for washing various processing fluids before and quenchants after heat treatment distinguish themselves by high demulsifying properties and cleaning power.

The product formulation guarantees maximum possible efficiency at comparatively low concentrations. This furthermore enables exceptionally high service life of the cleaning baths that may be increased even further through the targeted addition of specific additives.

The reduced need for cleaning agents, bath care and new fillings will lead to optimised process costs.


Special cleaners

Our stop-off paints

Carburising and nitriding processes are based on thermo-chemical diffusion of carbon and/or nitrogen into the surface layer of heat-treated components. Our stop-off paints will reliably protect high-grade and complex components from diffusion during heat treatment of defined areas. 

This is necessary to enable downstream processing steps such as machining, forming or welding. Our stop-off paints are also successfully deployed to minimise the danger of cracking during alignment and to protect threads or penetrations. 

Our stop-off paints for carburising, gas nitriding, nitro carburation, plasma and pulse plasma nitriding and for annealing guarantee a reliable, gas-tight layer during heat treatment. The application may be by brush, immersion, spraying, effusion/squeezing, dabbing/stamping or with the use of customised special methods. 

The unsurpassed high product quality will guarantee reliable protection and particularly economical application with sparing use of resources. We also provide special thinners, consistently adapted to suit the specific product.


Stop-off paints

Our anticorrosion products

Our powerful anticorrosion products are adapted to accurately meet the requirements for steel hardening. They will meet the highest demands for temporary protection from corrosion after quenching, provide very good protection during intermediate and long-term storage and offer a particularly reliable and resistant corrosion protection film for later transportation.

Our anticorrosion products are based on state of the art developments and will specifically take into account the higher demands for reliable protection the automotive industry and its component suppliers have. They are particularly high yielding with low specific consumption and will leave behind just a thin and easy to remove protective film. Their particularly low-odour formulation will also easily comply with occupational health and safety regulations.


Anticorrosion products