The Nüssle company:

The specialists for stop-off paints

Founded by Erich Nüssle in 1952, the Nüssle company today is a global leader in the development and manufacture of stop-off paints used in the heat treatment industry. 

The medium-sized company from Nagold has been a member of our company group since 1984.

Under the internationally protected brand names CONDURSAL, CONDURON and VACUCOAT, the stop-off paints are exclusively "Made in Germany". They are supplied to over 50 countries worldwide and set the highest quality standards.

The main areas of application are in the automotive and transmission industries, in mechanical engineering, in the tool industry and in heat treatment shops.

Steering pinions for car steering systems.
Source: Zimmer Group

Production / product filling at NÜSSLE

Regular exchange on the latest product developments and special applications at our customers

Our products

The stop-off paints are used for partial protection from diffusion in a wide variety of heat treatment processes such as gas and low-pressure carburizing, powder and granulate carburizing, gas nitriding, nitrocarburizing, plasma/pulse plasma nitriding and annealing processes. They set standards when high-quality and complex components have to be protected against diffusion of carbon and / or nitrogen in defined areas during heat treatment processes in a reproducible and reliable manner.

Our services

We offer our customers comprehensive and profound expertise that is unmatched on the market. Our company actively conducts its own research and development and we share our know-how in lectures and training courses. Our consulting services include, among others, technical application support for the use of our products. Our service portfolio is supplemented by an intensive after-sales service.


– Application technical consultancy  

– Problem analyses and development of approaches to finding solutions

– Technical lectures and courses 

– Technical laboratory tests