Career Welcome to the Team

The company group is a composite of three medium-sized companies in an exciting market. We owe our enduring success and healthy growth predominantly to our highly qualified and dedicated staff. Discover the jobs currently available, our priorities in terms of cooperation and our mutual compatibility.

Our vacant positions: This is how we will meet

We are currently in the enviable position of having no vacancies. Should you figure that you could nevertheless be of benefit to our team, then please submit your application. 

Simply send your application documentation by e-mail (bewerbung(at) or bewerbung(at) or by mail. Mailed documentation will not be returned.


PREMIUM CLAIM – offering the very best

Our quest for perfection and maximum customer satisfaction in all sectors of our business is the hallmark of our company. We believe that our team is all highly motivated and willing to assume joint responsibility. This is the only way we will be able to guarantee that our products will continue setting standards and that the quality of our consultations will remain unique in the industry.

INTEGRITY – always doing what’s right

The self-image of our company group is based on our integrity and the respect we afford our employee, business partners, customers and suppliers. We foster respectful, binding, open, honest and fair cooperation, support our employee in the development of their strengths and show appreciation for their achievements. We will communicate clearly, and our word is our bond. Errors are part of our development – we will acknowledge them, correct them and learn.

INNOVATION – the courage to innovate

We will in principle be open and without prejudice towards change. We will encourage all ideas with the potential to benefit and improve the results of our work. Our innovative spirit and abilities and the willingness to support our customers’ technological and organisational innovation through corresponding changes in-house lie at the root of the sustainable future growth of our company group. We will furthermore contribute to the sustainable preservation of our environment by means of the on-going and innovative development of environmentally friendly products and production processes.

PASSION – enjoy your work

To us, passion means top achievements, solutions to problems, enthusiastic customers, pride in our work and our excellent reputation. We enjoy the variety of our work, learning new processes, exploring potential solutions and convincing people. We will initiate and stage joint activities of the team both during and after working hours. We will pro-actively and on every occasion acknowledge the good performance of our colleagues and business partners. We will empathise with the others and willingly discuss also personal issues.