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SERVITOL anticorrosion products are optimally suited for intermediate storage and for corrosion protection of heat-treated workpieces on the transport but also for the long-term preservation.

Typical area of application is the preservation after tempering or case hardening processes, e.g. in the bulk parts or the screw industry. Depending on the product conception, blackening of the hardened material after tempering can also be realized. Due to their particularly strong water-displacing properties, the so-called "dewatering fluids" are used e.g. for temporary corrosion protection after surface hardening processes.

Depending on the product concept, a thin oily or waxy or synthetic oil-free corrosion protection film remains on the part´s surface, which may be easily removed with conventional cleaning agents even after a longer storage time.

High stability, superior corrosion protection, low odour and high productivity are special advantages of our anticorrosion products.

ProductRecommended concentrationFilm typeFlash pointTypical areas of application
Water miscible, fully synthetic corrosion protective concentrate

3 - 5%Synthetic, oil-free, transparentNot applicableOil-free, temporary corrosion protection for transport and storage
Water miscible corrosion protection / blackening concentrate
0,5 - 12%Oily, very thin170°C (concentrate)Temporary corrosion protection for intermediate storage, blackening after tempering in oxidising atmospheres
Dewatering Fluid
Supplied formOily, very thin63°CRemoval/displacement of remaining water, temporary corrosion protection for transport and storage, particularly low odour
Corrosion preventive oil
Supplied formOily, very thin160°CTemporary corrosion protection for intermediate storage
Corrosion inhibitor
Supplied formWaxy, very thin63°CTemporary corrosion protection on the transport and for the long-term preservation
Typical range of heat treated parts: Wire coils
Typical range of heat treated parts: Seamless drawn tubes
Typical range of heat treated parts: Blackened screws and fasteners

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